Training Cards

Posted by Janis Mikelberg, B.A. CPDT-KA on Monday, May 6, 2019
Once your dog understands some verbal cues mark them down on cards. Keep them in a hat or box. Before you go out for a walk or other time during the day, reach in, grab one and ask your dog to do it.
This takes away the predictable behaviour patterns humans fall into and tests whether or not your dog truly understands the cues you use.
Dogs often offer behaviour based on context and not because you cue it.
Make sure your dog is able to do each behaviour separately before combining. 

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Be Predictable

Posted by Janis Mikelberg, B.A. CPDT-KA on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Visualize this: you are walking with your dog. He is wearing a flat collar and attached is a standard 6’ leash. Every time he moves slightly ahead of you, you do a sharp pop on the leash. 
What information do you think you are sending? 
What information is he actually receiving?

Information sent: walk beside me
Information received: human is unpredictable

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The Answer is "It Depends"

Posted by Janis Mikelberg, B.A. CPDT-KA on Sunday, November 25, 2018 In : Dog Training 

There is so much conflicting information on what your dog should or shouldn't do. It can be very confusing to dog owners looking for guidance. 
It's complicated as you wade through the myths, fiction, fact, and opinions.
I hear a lot of uncertainty in questions posed by clients as they try to ascertain whether it’s okay for the dog to be on the furniture, the bed or on a lap or whether the dog must walk by the left leg. 

I don’t believe there are right or wrong answers. In dog training the a...

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Love The Dog You Have

Posted by Janis Mikelberg, B.A. CPDT-KA on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 In : Expectations 
Before we bring a dog into our home most of us have an idea or picture of what life will be with our dog. Some get a small dog so it's easy to take along everywhere, others want to do therapy visits or scenting work or competitive sports or simply be able to do daily walks around the neighbourhood.
We don't always get the dog we expect.
My first dog, my beloved Westie, who you see in my banner, was a Therapy Dog for Therapeutic Paws of Canada. He was well suited for it as nothing much fazed him...

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The Decision to Re Home A Puppy

Posted by Janis Mikelberg, B.A. CPDT-KA on Thursday, August 30, 2018 In : Adding a puppy 

As a dog trainer I have the privilege of guiding new puppy owners through the ups and downs of living with a puppy. I usually come into the home within the first weeks of the pup’s arrival.
It’s an overwhelming time for most people. There is a big disconnect between expectations and reality ☺
Most people have visions of walks around the neighbourhood, cuddling up on the couch, playing fetch and generally having a lovely time.
Reality is far different. The pup flits from side to side, eatin...

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