Nobody wants to think of this yet but it's going to happen before you know it! Rain, slush, mud, snow and lots of road salt. Whether you have a new puppy or and older dog and are thinking of using some type of boot or coat, the process is the same. Yes, you can simply slap on a coat or boots on your dog. You will probably end up struggling and it will not be fun for anyone. On the other hand, you can take time to teach your pup or dog to enjoy the process!

It's not difficult at all!

Ensure your dog is comfortable being handled all over, including having his paws touched. If not, he certainly won't enjoy when you pick up his paw to put on a boot. All dogs will want to bite your hand if they have not been trained to enjoy being touched. It's normal dog behaviour.

The process would be something like this:

•    Have your dog's daily ration of food in a bowl ready to use for training.
•    Touch a body part and offer a treat each time (touch a paw, treat, touch his back, treat) Gradually build up to being able to hold each paw for longer and longer.

Once he is happy being touched begin the process again but this time with a boot. Don't make the mistake of trying to put on all 4 boots at once. Do one boot at a time (one per day).

Teaching the pup to enjoy being handled is easy when you pair it with food. If your dog enjoys toys and play, you can use the opportunity to play as the reward too!

This method does take some time and effort on your part but think of the difference between a dog who struggles and runs away from you every time you want to go out and one who happily waits for you to put on his boots!