Bringing a new puppy into your home is a big decision. One that should not be taken lightly. The first 18 months are labour intensive. It's essential to teach this new puppy how to live in our human world with our human expectations of what a dog should or shouldn't do. More often than not, we expect our puppy or dog, not to be a puppy or dog. We don't want them to dig, bark, chew, chase, sniff, walk slowly and so much more.
My opinion is when deciding to bring a new puppy, adolescent, adult or rescue dog into your home, it's 100% essential to factor in the cost of a dog trainer as part of the over all expense. 
How do you find a dog trainer? It's not always so easy. Not all dog trainers are created equal. What if you prefer the option of Board & Train? How do you know the facility is good? Not all board & train facilities are created equal either.

It's important ask a lot of questions for either option. I am most happy when I get inquiries and people ask me questions. It shows they are committed and have done some research. I like specific questions: how do you punish the dog when he does something wrong? How do you teach the dog not to pull on leash? How do you teach my puppy not to bite me? How to you tell the dog he is right?
I am not afraid to be asked specific questions in describing my training methods.

Just as there are many different in home dog trainers and dog training schools with a variety of training philosophies, so are there different board and train facilities. It's essential, in my opinion, to ask very specific questions. If you are going to have my dog in your care for an extended period of time, I want to know exactly what you do, how you do it, and what happens to my dog when it doesn't happen.
Do you use shock collars? Prong Collars? Choke Chains? Can you guarantee that? How do you punish my dog and give me an example please. How often do you use leash pops, shake cans ,food? Do you use play? How to you tell my dog he did the right thing? How do you exercise my dog? How do I maintain the new behaviours at home?
Trick question: I find when you phrase a question as "how often do you use a shock collar or shake can" the answer really should be "never". 
The reality is, you may not get truthful answers to these questions. I believe it's a risk you take when you choose board and train unless you've vetted them 100%. There are some great facilities. I know of some. There are also some not so good ones who use prongs, chokes and aversive methods to teach.
Use caution when choosing your trainer or training facility. Check out force free organizations online for recommendations such as www.trulydogfriendly, Even if there are not board and train options on the list, most trainers will recommend one if they know of one.