Do you live in a house with children and dogs? Learning the stress signals dogs give is so important. We want our dogs not to simply tolerate children but to learn they predict good things.
Teach your children to respect the living creature who shares your home. 
For those who love to grab and squish puppies, I suggest buying a stuffed replica and redirect to that! or redirect to Mummy and Daddy when the desire to hug the pup too tightly overtakes them  What mommy and daddy woud say no to extra hugs?
Teach your children to look for yawns, lip licking, head turns and "wet dog" shake offs. 
Make it a game! Write down the list of signals, each time your child sees one, have them make a check mark beside the signal. 
This does two things 1) the child has to get up and leave the dog to make the check mark 2) teaches them to look for signs the puppy or dog is unhappy. When it becomes a game, it becomes fun.