Sometimes I can't help but cringe when I see people walking out of pet stores with poor quality food. I have to fight the urge to walk up to them and discuss how to read labels, what to look for and how to choose a healthier option. Choosing food can be challenging as there are so many options.
Today I saw someone walk out of a store with 2 huge bags of an inferior kibble. I am very familiar with the particular brand and steer my clients away from it. We look at the label and I point out why it's not a healthy option. Once they see there is no real protein but is mostly filler and poor quality ingredients, they get it.
It's not hard to know it's inferior - just take a moment to look at the label - if it contains mostly corn (inexpensive filler), corn gluten meal (rubbery residue),wheat gluten (rubbery residue), fat, brewers rice (cereal grain by product) and "chicken/beef/ meal" (what is left after rendering) or beef/chicken/animal by- products (slaughterhouse waste) - it's inferior.
You can read more on choosing healthier kibble here - Dog Food Advisor, and Whole Dog Journal