Christmas is just around the corner. People are already thinking about what to get for their loved ones.
No doubt you will begin to see images of children opening up boxes - and a puppy pops out!!! How heartwarming. Puppies are adorable, cuddly, warm, soft, fluffy and so much more. Puppies pee in the house, bite, chew, dig, shred things and so much more. Bringing a puppy into your home is a big decision. Not one to be made spontaneously or lightly. There is a lot of hard work that goes into raising a puppy through to the other side of adolescence and into adulthood. Once the initial adoration and excitement wear off you are left with a living creature who needs guidance and training for a long time. The holiday season is a busy time for most families. Dinners to prepare, shopping to do, family members popping in and out for visits, decorations scattered throughout the house, Christmas trees and presents within easy reach of a curious puppy. If the responsible members of the family have truly sat down and discussed bringing home a puppy and all that it entails, long term included, then consider the following option. Purchase a stuffed dog which resembles the one you are getting along with some toys and a bag of cookies. Wrap that in a box and place it under the tree. This ensures your child/children will be excited about getting a puppy while ensuring the puppy will get the attention he deserves when you bring him home.