Sometimes the weather is just too cold to be removing gloves to get a treat for our dog. Reinforcement training in the cold weather months just goes out the window. Valuable training opportunities can be lost, especially for new puppies, when that input is so important. Try using a food tube. These are available in many stores which sell camping equipment as well as some online dog supply stores. I don't like the closure that comes with the tube so I use a handy dandy giant paper clip.
I use canned dog food (not chunky one) and fill the tube about 1/2 full. Fold the top and secure with the clip. Make sure you adjust your dog's daily food allotment to allow for the addition of the canned food. 
When you need to reward loose leash walking, a recall, name response or any other cue  - just offer a lick from the tube! 
This is also a great way to reward a dog or puppy who has a "shark mouth" and takes treats very roughly.

Easy peasy dog training!!