I live in a place where we see snow, slush, ice, mud and rain. Many people like to teach their dog to sit and wait at street corners. I don't. 

I do teach my dog to stop when I stop. No sit required. I expect him to remain in balance until I've said "okay". The leash is slack and he is exhibiting self control, body balanced on 4 legs (not pulling). I will often let a few cars go by so my dog can practice waiting politely for the verbal release to continue forward.
If my dog chooses to sit, he can but it's not a requirement. The only requirement is to be in control of himself. 
There are times when I don't bother to stop at a corner because there are no cars and the coast is clear.
What I do may not be right for you. You decide what works best for you and your dog and your environment.
The important thing is to take time to teach your preferred behaviour, be consistent in training - all family members should be following the same protocol.