We all have good intentions with regards to socializing our new puppies. Dog owners are much more aware of the concept of socialization which is great. In my experience, when most people talk about "socializing" their puppy, they are referring to exposure to other dogs and children. What's important to remember is that there is much more to socialization than merely exposing your dog to other dogs and children.

Puppies need to be safely exposed to many different places, people, sounds, surfaces, other animals, children, objects - the list goes on.The most important part is SAFELY.

Many people bring their very young puppies to dog parks with the belief that it's a good place for their new puppy to meet and greet other dogs. The unfortunate thing is that dog parks are rarely a safe place to meet other puppies. There are too many opportunities for your new puppy to be mistreated by an overbearing puppy or a bully puppy in a park.

You are better off finding a well run puppy play group where play is monitored and puppies are allowed to explore in a controlled, safe manner so they can build confidence.