The weather is changing. There are some days when I have already had gloves on. This can bring challenges to your dog training plan especially if you are working with a puppy, fearful or aggressive dog and your dog training plan includes counter conditioning and desensitization (in a nutshell - pairing something scary with something delicious. Always follow your dog trainer's plan as this can have unwanted results if not done correctly).

Training your dog in cold weather can be difficult. Fumbling around for a cookie in your pocket is no fun when temperatures are below zero. Here are a few ideas to consider for the upcoming colder weather. You don't need to remove your gloves and your dog training can continue.

1) purchase a food tube, such as sold in stores which have camping supplies. They are open ended. You fill them up with the canned version of your dog's food, seal up the end and voila! Just make sure the canned food is not  the stew version or it will be too chunky to fit through the tip.

2) You can fill a mini salad dressing holder with baby food, peanut butter or other soft food.

3) You can use a can of squeeze cheese :)

Before trying to use any of these tools outside in the cold, introduce it to your dog at home first. Make sure you use a food he likes, take the time to teach him how to lick the end of the tube and then try it outside. 


Dress warm! Don't let the cold weather stop you from training your dog! If you have some other cold weather dog training tips let me know.