It's just something different and fun to do with your dog :)

Do you find your dog staring at you on rainy days, waiting for something to happen? Here is a very simple, inexpensive way to keep your dog entertained for a short while.

1.    Get a muffin tin
2.    Put treats in the compartments
3.    Cover with tennis balls
4.    It's that easy!

Your dog will need to figure out how to get the treats out. Once the dog has the hang of the game, you can make it a bit more challenging by putting treats only in some of the compartments.
To prevent the muffin tin from moving around too much, you can put it on a rubber mat if you have one. Or turn over a bath mat so the rubber bottom is exposed and use that!

If you have a dog who eats tennis balls - this is not the game for you!