I don't normally blog about this type of thing but I am going to. The debate between training methods is a never ending one. I am not writing this to debate whether one method is better than another. I am simply expressing my opinion.

While I don't believe there is such a thing as training without any type of punishment (removing attention is punishment for some dogs) I do think people must be made more aware of the fallout of force based, power trip training. And yes, I am judging here by using that phrase.
I simply don't want to believe, that when given the choice, one would choose to scare or frighten in order to teach. When it does happen, I am hoping it's because they aren't aware there is another way to get results: one based on trust and communication. I believe there are many people who think if you train without coercion - defined as "force or the power to use force" -  then you cannot get effective results.
It breaks my heart when I see a beautiful, soft, sweet dog terrified of the person in control of the dog's life. This is the second time I have come across this person - the first time, I cried as I walked away because it broke my heart to see how he treated this lovely dog who wears a tight prong collar.
Today the dog was interacting with others in the park. He came to interact with mine which was fine until the person decided to leave the park. His dog was near me and didn't respond quickly to "come". I could see he was conflicted. He hesitated a few times, gave clear signs of stress including lip licks, ears back, tail down, along with a slow pace as he started walking back towards the person.
He finally slunk back and was asked to sit. It was repeated a few times, with increasing intensity - the dog was clearly nervous. I don't blame the dog for not responding quickly. I knew he wouldn't based on my first experience seeing them.
It was so difficult to witness again.

I will not refer to this person as "guardian", defined as "A defender, protector, or keeper" as he is none of those.
I know I can't save the world but I sure wish I could save this dog.