Feeding meals, or at least some meals, via food dispensing toys is one of my favourite ways to enrich a dog's daily life. It's easy to do and it's fun for the dog. 
When discussing this with a recent client an analogy popped into my head. (My apologies to the vegetarians and vegans who read this).
It's like eating lobster in the shell vs over a salad.  You need to work at getting the meat out. It takes time and effort. It's most satisfying when you finally get that small little bit out of the corner!

For those of you who fish, isn't it more satisfying to go out for the day, catch your fish then prepare it? It's better than buying from the store or you wouldn't do it.

It's the same with your dog when he's interacting with a Tricky Treat Ball and the food falls out or working at a stuffed marrow bone to get a the good stuff. 
There is a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in that process.

I always recommend feeding at least one meal creatively. It's an easy way to provide mental enrichment for an otherwise boring process.