The time is fast approaching. There are ads for school supplies and fall clothes are appearing in store windows.
Summer time is relaxed and schedules often go out the window. 

If your daily routine is going to change once school begins, you need to think of how it will affect your new puppy or dog. Will meals and walks be offered outside of what he is used to?

The time to get your puppy or dog used to a new schedule is now. Take a few moments to figure out how the daily schedule will change and what affect might it have on your dog. 

Did you stop using confinement such as a crate while at the cottage? Will you need it again once your dog is home alone?

Do you need to arrange a puppy visit to keep a housetraining program on track? Will you be asking a neighbour or family member to come by and let your puppy out for a pee break? Have that person visit before the schedule changes to ensure the puppy is comfortable with him and the he knows what to do. 

What about your adolescent dog? Will he chew up things if he doesn’t get a mid-day play session to burn off that energy?

Do you have an elderly dog in need of frequent opportunities to relieve himself?

Has your dog or puppy been left alone for extended periods of time?
If not, you need to begin training now so he feels comfortable when left. Do this in small steps. Gradually build up to the longest time he will be alone.

The new school year can be an exciting and busy time for many families. 
Don’t forget your four legged buddy!