With the holiday season around the corner and gift giving on people's minds - please keep the following advice at hand. As sweet as it may seem to want your children or spouse or parent to open up a box and find an adorable little puppy under the tree - this is probably the worst time to introduce one to the family. If you have decided it's time to bring a puppy into your home - do proper research about the breed(s) you are interested in. Avoid puppy advertisements on Kijiji and other sketchy places.
A well bred puppy may not be available for December 24th. It is not uncommon for good breeders to have a wait list. Consider purchasing a toy stuffed  dog resembling the one you are waiting for and wrap that up with a couple of dog toys so your children know a puppy is on the way.

Holiday time is hectic - people coming and going from the house. There are lots of dangerous things to chew on such as electric wires and tinsel. There is food that gets dropped on the floor. 
A new puppy requires 24 hour attention. I don't know what your house is like but around here, there is no extra time for anything other than meal planning, cooking, cleaning, parties to go to and to host.
Be kind to your future puppy. Bring him home when you can devote 100% of your time to him. Puppies are exhausting. You will need your energy for midnight potty breaks and daytime supervision. 

Please think twice. Avoid impulse puppy purchases. Set your puppy and your family up for success. Take time to research and prepare for the busy bundle of energy that a new puppy is.