The topic of impulse control has come up lately on a number of training groups I am part of.
This is something most people begin working on without even realizing it. What is one of the first things you do when you get your new puppy? You wait for him to sit before putting the food bowl down. That is teaching impulse control.
Any time you expect your dog or puppy to “hang on a sec” you are teaching impulse control. As your puppy progresses into and through adolescence, it becomes even more important.
One of the most important places I expect my dogs to “hang on a sec” is while out on walks. From the very beginning, I have taught my dogs to sit while people pass by. It’s not easy. Dogs are attracted by movement. I expect them to hold still while strollers, toddlers, youngsters, skateboarders, joggers and other moving things pass by.

I always move up the nearest sidewalk or piece of grass, ask for sit/wait. I release them with “okay” when the person has passed by and there is room for us to continue. Sometimes I have to give more distance by moving further up a driveway or even crossing the sidewalk. Either way, I am still asking for “sit/wait”.

I began teaching this when there was nobody approaching. I simply went up driveways, asked for “sit”, rewarded with a food treat then released and continued on. I did this so my dogs would think it’s simply part of a normal walk. My younger dog was rewarded with a game of tug.

I always recommend practicing all the skills you want your dog to have  when you don’t actually need them. That way the pup/dog learns the behaviour, and has had time to practice and be successful before being asked to do it in a real situation.