Animal behaviour fascinates me. As I sit on the beach (yes, I am on vacation!) I find I am often looking for sand crabs as opposed to looking out at the water. If you are still enough and patient, you can watch them pop out of their little sand tunnel, move their very cute googly eyes left and right and check out the environment.

When I see one, I remain very still. In my head I am saying "you are safe. Come on out. I won't hurt you".I watch him watch me until I see him decide it's safe and begin his Sisyphean task. Everyday I spend time watching them scoop out sand, toss it, and dig deeper and deeper. Only to watch someone eventually walk by and close it up. Moments later, they simply pop up and begin again. It never ceases to amaze me at how tenacious animals are and must be in order to survive.

I think we often forget our dogs have survival skills as well. Showing teeth, snarling, growling, biting, barking, resource guarding are some of the skills for survival. When your dog does these things he is saying " I don't feel safe right now".