No matter what holiday your family celebrates, remember that 'parties + people + food' can be a dangerous combination for your pets.

It’s always a good idea to either have a responsible adult be in charge of watching your dog during family gatherings, have him in another room/crate/ex-pen or boarded overnight.
Keep your home safe by following a few simple rules and being aware of potential hazards:

  • Before your guests arrive, take your dog for a long walk and play a round of fetch to burn off some energy.
  • Create a comfortable spot in a room away from the party and provide a frozen stuffed Kong or other delicious chew item to keep him occupied.
  • Don't forget to check on your dog occasionally to ensure he is okay.
  • Counter surfing can be a big problem during holiday gatherings. Ensure your dog cannot reach any counters or table tops that have food on them. Use baby gates or place your dog in another room to prevent potential problems. (more on counter surfing)

Christmas Precautions

  • If possible, place your tree in a room with a door or temporarily use some kind of barrier to prevent your dog from accessing the room unsupervised.     
  • Dropped pine needles, dangling lights, wires, ribbons, tinsel, ornaments, and other decorations can be hazardous if chewed or ingested.  
  • Water at the base of the tree can be toxic if your tree was treated with chemicals.  
  • Lit candles can easily be knocked down by an exuberant tail wag or over active puppy.
  • Certain plants associated with Christmas can be toxic such as Holly and Poinsettia.
  • Holiday treats such as chocolate and fruitcake are not safe. Fruitcake contains raisins/currants/grapes and alcohol.
  • Nuts (walnuts, hickory, macadamia, pistachio) can cause upset stomachs.
  • Cooked bones can splinter. Avoid giving leftover bones as a treat.

Don’t forget to keep poison control and vet emergency numbers close by – just in case