Teaching your dog to walk politely on leash can be a very challenging process. When you look around you likely see most dogs pulling their people at a the end of a tight leash.There are a number of reasons that happens.  There are lots of great smells out there, they have 4 legs, we have 2 so they walk faster than we do, they are excited to be outside.

In addition, dogs have "Opposition Reflex" which means they pull against pressure. They pull to get to a great smell: you pull backwards, that causes the dog to pull even harder. Front clip attachment harnesses (as discussed below) can help while you are in the teaching phase of leash walking.

Some tips to work on while teaching are: exercise your dog before going for a walk to burn off some energy. He will be less likely to drag you down the street if you've played fetch or chase games in your backyard or in the house to tire him out a bit; keep your walks interesting by changing directions unexpectedly; reinforce a slack leash with a treat or "go sniff" or a quick game of tug.