There is so much written about the correct way you should walk your dog. What is the correct way? Is there a single correct way? Who defines what correct is?

If I were to subscribe to the view that in order to exert supreme leadership my dog needs to remain by my left leg at all times or my dog must walk behind me at all times, I’d be exhausted every time I took my dogs for a walk.

I view walks as an enjoyable experience for all of us (with the exception of below freezing in the winter months). I get fresh air, they get to investigate pee mail and leave their own messages.
I do expect them to remain close when asked, to target my hand when asked, to sit when asked, to check in with me, without prompting and to not drag me down the street. I determine the route, duration, distance, destination, whether we stop and chat with others on our walks.

Whether my dog chooses to go behind me because that is where he feels safe at the moment or to walk in front of me because he caught the scent of something intriguing, is up to him. 

All I require is my leash remains slack.