I was listening to the radio this morning. There was a guest on a talk show discussing organ donation and how it helped the family deal with a tragic situation and tremendous loss. One thing he said struck me. His grandfather taught him "it's not what happens to you, it's how you choose to deal with it".
What does that have to do with dog training? Nothing specific. What got me thinking is how living your life via that credo is valid for all aspects of life.
Personally, I prefer to live life with a sense of humour, dealing with issues as they come up, avoiding "what if" as much as possible. I try hard not to get hung up on things I have no control over. When something happens I wish had gone differently, I choose to find something good about the outcome. All life experiences help us to grow in some manner.
How do I apply this to my dog training? I choose to train my dogs force free. I try hard to listen to what they are saying and make decisions based on that information.
If they are exhibiting behaviour I don't like, I deal with it by either to training an alternate or living with it. I can choose to get angry with my dogs and blame them for what I don't like.
I prefer to deal with it by acknowledging, more often then not, it's my fault.