Beardie has always struggled with new stimuli. These stairs are quite steep and new to him. The same type of stairs are indoors as well which created a bit of a problem as the bedroom we were staying in was on the second floor. My method of choice for him when faced with something new has always been to allow him to decide how much time and distance he needs to get comfortable with new stimuli. With a little low key encouragement, marking one paw forward toward the first step, and lots of time, he is now able to go up and down the stairs. When I noticed how slowly he went up or down, I added the cue "easy". This wasn't a very scientific way to approach it but it worked for him and for me. The important part for his success was I did not rush him, but allowed him to set the pace of learning. The first time, it took approximately 20 minutes for him to decide to up. Now, after 4 days, he still hesitates but will take the first step much faster.