Puppies wake up with 100% puppy energy! It’s important to find legitimate ways to burn off that energy or Puppaloo may find an unwanted outlet -  your skin, your furniture, your shoes!

One of the first things I recommend to clients is to get rid of the food bowl. Measure out the quantity of kibble Puppaloo gets in the course of a day and keep in a container on the counter. Use that throughout the day in various ways.

Be creative at mealtimes. There are lots of ways to feed your puppy his daily ration of kibble. Dropping it into a bowl is like leaving me a basketful of money and not expecting me to do anything for it. I need to work for my money. Your puppy needs to work too.

Now don’t misunderstand. I don’t believe in making dogs starve and work for every morsel. I do believe in making mealtime fun, interactive and functional.

Puppies are learning every waking moment. Why not take advantage of that? Teach your puppy to use his nose and problem solving skills.

Interactive food dispensing toys are your best friend. Energy spent scavenging, exploring and sniffing, is energy not spent chewing furniture. 

There are so many inexpensive ways to feed your puppy. It’s not always necessary to spend a lot of money on toys. 

A simple Kibble Toss is a great way to serve a meal. Simply take a handful of kibble and……. toss!  Scatter it on the floor or in the backyard on the patio or grass. (I don’t recommend this if you have more than one dog).  Puppaloo will burn off energy running after his kibble and have fun at the same time. He will be scavenging like he was meant to do. He will have a job to do.

Do you have a muffin tin? Place kibble in each cup and cover with tennis balls. I have a video of this on my website training tips page.

How about a Treasure Hunt? Have your puppy watch you hide piles of kibble in and around the kitchen or other puppy proof room. You want to make it super easy for Puppaloo to find the kibble. Save the advanced levels for when he is more experienced. Remember this is supposed to be fun not frustrating.

Kongs® are a great way to feed meals. Prepare and freeze a few at a time so you always have some on hand. Line the inside with something sticky like peanut butter, cream cheese, squeeze cheese, almond butter, etc then stick kibble onto it. Pour in low salt beef or chicken broth. Add more kibble. Freeze upright. Make sure you plug the hole on the bottom with a piece of freeze dried liver or something else first.

Puppaloo sits - give kibble. Puppaloo lies down - give kibble. Use it for daily training moments. There are lots!

Get rid of the food bowl and give your dog a job.