As summer nears an end and fall approaches, it's necessary to think of how your daily patterns will change. Older children may be heading off to university or college, younger ones will be heading to kindergarten, elementary school or high school – all with different time tables.
What was once predictable now becomes less predictable.
It can sometimes be quite a shock to your dog when all of a sudden, the house is empty for most of the day, the walk schedule is different, feeding time is earlier and no one is available to play fetch. For some, it’s no big deal. For others, it can be very stressful.
Take a few moments now to figure out how your daily schedule will be different once school begins and how it may affect your dog’s schedule.
For example, If breakfast needs to be 30 minutes earlier to accommodate car pool, begin feeding according to the new schedule at least 2 weeks before. Don’t forget, what goes in must come out. A change in feeding schedule will lead to a change in elimination schedule as well. The body needs a few days to adjust.
The same thing goes if you have plans for hiring a dog walker for a day or two once school begins. Have the dog walker come a few times the week or two before you actually need the service.

As much as we don’t like to think of summer ending, it’s best for your dog and the family to look ahead for a successful transition.