The way you phrase things makes a difference. I may have brought this up before. I am doing it again because I believe it's important in the overall approach to your relationship with your dog.
You will never hear me say "my dogs are obedient". I will say they are "responsive". Sometimes more responsive than others. 
I believe in using the word obedient you immediately set up a situation where one must submit to another. As opposed to building a communicative relationship.

2 sentences: 
1) "my dog doen't obey when I ask him to come". 
2) "my dog doesn't respond when I ask him to come". 
In my head these are very different. 

I suppose it's just the way I think of things. I did the same thing with my children. I tried to raise them to think and make decisions for themselves, to trust I would guide them in the right direction when necessary. Not to do as told simply because I said so.
You can lead without being an oppressor.