When my Westie was a wee pup and was allowed to have small bits of free time out of the crate, I began bringing him up to the bathroom while I took a shower. I knew he was safe and couldn’t get into trouble.
From that time onward, he has always come up to the bathroom as soon as he heard the shower go on. I could see through the shower door, a little white shadow, curled up on the bathmat. He would remain there until the water was turned off. At that point, he would go over the air conditioning vent (winter or summer) and lie on that until I went back downstairs.
He is turning 12 in September, 2013.
Yesterday is the first time I did not see that little white shadow. I assumed I would see him on the vent when I finished. I didn’t.
You may think what a foolish thing to be concerned about. Remember, this is the first time in 10 years he has not been there when I got out.
I began to get a bit concerned and was about to begin searching immediately when a thought went through my head “what if he needs to get to a hospital quickly”. I got dressed fast and began to search.
Upstairs, basement, main floor – no dog. I checked each twice. No sign of him, no response to his name.
At this point I am thinking I will find a dead dog (sorry to be so blunt).
In a final search, I checked under my daughter’s bed and lo and behold – he was curled up underneath. Relief and concern flooded me at the same time.
He is slowing down, has aches and pains, can’t walk for very long any more. The last couple of walks I’ve had to carry him for parts of it.
It’s so hard to begin the letting go process. His death is not imminent but when these things happen, it brings the possibility that much closer.