Come! It's something everyone wants their dog to do and yet something most people don't fully train. It's understandable though, as most dogs will respond beautifully when in their home.

The tricky part is when they are not :)

As with all behaviour, the different skill levels of a recall need to be taught and practiced. 

You don't go from learning chopsticks on the piano directly to the concert hall playing Chopin successfully. Mistakes are made along the way. Practice is essential. Difficulty is gradually increased until you get what you want.

The most common errors when teaching come are:

  •  Not rewarding the dog for coming when called
  •  Not using high enough value reward for coming when called
  •  Calling the dog to you immediately followed by something he doesn’t like including crating, yelling at, leaving the house, ignoring, cutting nails, getting in the car to go somewhere unpleasant.
  •  Chanting the cue over and over
  •  Not practicing

For successful training keep the following in mind:

  •  Always reward your dog for coming to you.
  • Always reward with something your dog wants.
  •  Practice in many different places.
  •  If you are not willing to bet $50.00 your dog will run happily to you when you say come – don’t call him! 
  • Go get him or use another word to call him.
It doesn't matter what word you teach. Just make sure you teach it properly.