Try to keep training fun!  Spring is on the way, the snow is melting. Now is a great time to take your dog's skills on the road! This is a super easy way to work on skills. You can do it anywhere.
When out for walks with your dog, keep it interesting by using lamp posts or fire hydrants or every other driveway as a spot to stop and ask for a different behaviour. It's a great way to practice sit/ down/ target/ stay/ name/ mini recalls - the list is endless.
It's also a great way to teach your dog to respond to cues in various situations, not just the kitchen :)
The more skills your dog has the more you can do at each stop. You can begin with one behaviour per stop, then increase the number as your dog learns more and more. For example, you can stop - ask for sit, touch, down then release to continue the walk.
If it's the first time you are trying this, make sure you are only asking for one really easy behaviour that your dog knows really well. You will have more success if you give your dog a chance to get it right the first time. Try not to get caught up repeating cues if your dog doesn't respond right away. If that happens, it's likely there is something in the environment that may be too distracting for him. Wait until the distraction is gone or move to another spot and try again. A poor response could also be  due to not knowing the behaviour as well as you think! Simply make a mental note and work on it a bit more at home before trying again.
Just remember it's not a "test". It's meant to be a fun enjoyable way to take it on the road. If you are not having fun, your dog isn't either!