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Can I Hug Your Dog?

Posted by Janis Mikelberg, B.A. CPDT-KA on Wednesday, November 18, 2015, In : Dog Training Tips 

   Relationships. We all have them. There are differences though. I 
don't have any problem at all with any of my family members walking up and hugging me.
 do have a problem with strangers or acquaintances doing the exact same thing. Why? I don't have the same relationship with them as I do with family members.

Think of this when a complete stranger or acquaintance wants to hug your dog or do something equally intrusive. 

Your dog forms relationships too.

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Greeting Dogs Politely

Posted by Janis Mikelberg, B.A. CPDT-KA on Tuesday, May 19, 2015, In : Body Language 

Have you ever wondered why some dogs seem to gravitate to those who don't really like dogs? 

When we say hello to someone, we look directly at them, standing straight, usually facing forward as we walk towards them, outstretched hand(s), getting ready to shake hands or hug, depending on relationship. It would be rude to avoid eye contact or stand sideways to someone as we converse with them, not to mention a bit odd.

How do dogs greet? Very differently. They avoid walking deliberately forward, ...
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Do Dogs Understand Us?

Posted by Janis Mikelberg, B.A. CPDT-KA on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, In : Dog Training 

You bring your new puppy home and right away want to begin training your new puppy so you say “Fido! Come! Or “Spot, sit!”.
Everyone wants his or her new puppy to sit when asked or come running when called the first day the pup enters the home. 
Think about this for a moment.  

What language does your dog speak? English, French, Italian, Hebrew, Cantonese? The answer is, none of the above. Read more about why your dogs don’t understand what you say: “Dogs Don’t Speak English” – ...

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Are The Dogs Really Okay?

Posted by Janis Mikelberg, B.A. CPDT-KA on Thursday, February 13, 2014, In : Dog Training 

Dogs give us signals all the time about how they are feeling. We don’t always understand what they mean but they are always being given. 
We often misinterpret them – 1) he’s pulling on the leash, 2) he’s trying to go out the door first, 3) he’s yawning, 4) he’s looking guilty, 5) he’s being aggressive. 
More likely than not, you’re dog is actually saying 1) I want to sniff, you walk too slow 2) the door is open, let’s go 3) I’m not feeling comfortable in this situation, 4) ...

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Dogs Don't Speak English

Posted by SitStayLearn on Monday, February 13, 2012, In : Dog Training 

Wouldn't it be a great world if our dogs could truly understand the spoken word; could learn just like babies do? 
I believe we talk far too much to our pets, expecting them to understand what we are saying and getting upset when they don't perform when we ask. That leads us to think they are stubborn or stupid or trying to take over the world with their "dominant" personality.

How about this option: they don't respond because they don't understand the meaning of the words you are using.
How arr...

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