There is so much conflicting information on what your dog should or shouldn't do. It can be very confusing to dog owners looking for guidance. 
It's complicated as you wade through the myths, fiction, fact, and opinions.
I hear a lot of uncertainty in questions posed by clients as they try to ascertain whether it’s okay for the dog to be on the furniture, the bed or on a lap or whether the dog must walk by the left leg. 

I don’t believe there are right or wrong answers. In dog training the answer is most often, if not always, “it depends”.
The answer depends on what the family wants. I can give guidance as to why I recommend putting off certain privileges but ultimately the decision is up to the client and what works for the family.

Debates about what a dog should or shouldn’t do will go on forever. 

The only thing I will say with 100% certainty is whatever you are training your dog to do – it should be trained with positive reinforcement and negative punishment when necessary (taking something good or desirable away to reduce the occurrence of a particular behaviour).