Private dog training isn’t cheap. I can remember looking around, asking friends if they had used a dog trainer or knew of one. At the time I had a new puppy and wasn’t sure what to do with him!  I had dogs as a kid but like many families, my mom and older brothers did most of the work. All I had to do was play with them.I had purchased a couple of books but I didn’t feel it was enough. I am predominantly a visual learner but I like to read “how to” also. Those two methods together, create the most effective combination for learning for me.

I had a really hard time visualizing what size the rooms were going to be when buying my house from builder’s plans. I need concrete examples in front of me. I can’t even count how many times I have said to various trades people, “build it, paint it, or redecorate it…. then I’ll tell you if I like it”.

If I don’t feel I have enough knowledge about something, I try to find someone who does, regardless of the issue. I am a firm believer that it’s important to seek out help from qualified people when necessary. There are lots of people who have opinions. There are many who have taken the necessary steps to become skilled in their trade whether plumbing, electrical, design or dog training.

Skill does not come cheap. Sure I can have my neighbour change some electrical outlets for me at no charge, because he’s done it before, but then there is no guarantee that it’s done correctly. The better idea is to pay the hourly rate for a certified, qualified electrician and not try to save a few bucks.

As a matter of fact, that recently happened to me. Two of my bathroom outlets were not working for a very long time. I finally got fed up and I called in a certified electrician, who informed me, they were not installed properly. The improper installation happened when I tried to save a few bucks years ago by installing new switches myself. I have since learned to go to the professionals.

Dog trainers and dog training are much the same. Go to any dog park or take a walk with your dog. The average person walking their dog will have an opinion and be happy to tell you how to fix your jumping or barking or shy or nervous dog. Is the information correct? Possibly. Will it work? Maybe.

More likely, the information is outdated and garnered from various television shows. Most people do not keep up to date with the latest training information by attending seminars, reading, listening to webinars or going to conferences as do professional dog trainers.Private dog training is not cheap. You pay for knowledge and skill just like you would an architect or plumber or any other skilled trades person or professional.

Winging it rarely works. It’s far better to start your puppy off on the right track. Preventing problems is much easier then having to fix them later on.

My opinion is that part of the cost of raising your puppy, along with veterinary care should be for dog training by a skilled professional.