While out on my evening walk with the dogs, I came across a guy walking his Weimaraner. Fortunately he was on the other side of the street. I say fortunately as this is the same guy who brought me to tears when I observed him interacting with his lovely dog a few months ago. The dog was/is on a tight prong collar and was horribly fearful of his abusive owner when I saw him months ago and clearly nothing has changed. This poor dog was punished for wanting to greet my dog as well as two others.
I will never understand why people choose to have an adversarial relationship with a pet they bring into their home to ostensibly be part of the family.  It's heartbreaking. 
Given half a chance this poor dog would likely give more unconditional love and affection to this guy then he would ever deserve. Yes, this guy needs educating. No, it won't come from me as I am reluctant to approach him for fear of his response to me.