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A well adjusted, well mannered pet is the result of commitment, time and a trusting relationship. Understanding why your dog does what he does and learning how to change behaviour without force will produce a dog that is eager to learn!

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Learning begins the moment your dog enters your home!

At SitStayLearn we use scientifically proven, positive reinforcement techniques to increase the behaviors you want. Behaviors that are rewarded are repeated. Removing a reward for unwanted behavior provides an effective consequence which doesn't include pain, fear, or force.

Force or punishment based dog training can create a dog fearful of making a mistake. 

The wonderful thing about positive reinforcement based pet training is that the possibilities are endless! Anything your dog loves can be used as a reward to make behavior stronger. 

I can help you teach your new  puppy to do the right thing, right from the start. Positive reinforcement training techniques work for any dog, at any age.

Before you know it, your dog will be offering you all kinds of great behaviors because he will have learned that it's fun! 



My dog has C.L.A.S.S

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More important than teaching sit or stay to your new puppy - is to spend the very important first 12 - 16 weeks teaching the following:

1) to enjoy having paws manipulated, poked and squeezed (nail trims, paws wiped, tourniquets applied, pulling out burrs, etc)

2) to enjoy being restrained (vet visits, groomers)

3) to enjoy body handling all over - eyes, ears, tail, mouth (children hug)

4) to enjoy being brushed, combed - (pulling out matts)

5) to enjoy the bath experience

6) to explore many different surfaces / sounds/ sights (elevators, escalators, automatic doors, wheelchairs, canes) / places

7) to give up items willingly

8) teach not to bite (bite inhibition)

9) most important is to experience people! (of different skin tones), men (beards, glasses, hats) women, children of varying sizes and ages. Not just family members. 

Your dog knows how to sit and lie down. All you need to do is teach him to do it when you ask. That can be done at any time. The above mentioned goals have a finite window of opportunity.

My New Puppy Program (in home training) focuses on ensuring your puppy gets a solid foundation.

Janis' Training Tips

Create a legitimate digging spot in your backyard and teach your dog to dig only there. Decide whether you want to create a particular spot in the yard or use an old sandbox or other container which you can put dirt into.
Bury some delicacies (frozen Kong, favourite chews or toy) You can fill old paper towel holders with treats, seal the ends up and bury that too. Be creative!
 "Digging Dogs" Read more here

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Hi Janis,

We're just back from our first cottage weekend with Carson and have so much good news to report for you!!!

1) The baby food training is going very well and he is starting to be much more comfortable with handling. 

2) Carson was very gentle with both of our nephews (we spent the time and trained both Carson and the boys how to behave around each other

3) His recalls are getting better  - he was never off leash but on a long line and that worked pretty well.  We'd like to really work on getting him off leash soon.

4) We are leash training now in the house and it too is going well!

All around he we had a terrific weekend! Carson is now exhausted after having played with two different dogs and around in the outdoors.

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