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5 Stars

The day after I got my Golden doodle at just 8 weeks, Janis came over and helped Riley adjust to her new home. At first we had Riley going into different rooms in the house and she started to have accidents. When Janis came she recommended keeping her to one room, and since that day she has not made a poo in the house. In the 4 training sessions, Riley learned how to sit, impulse control, her name, leash training, trading, come, and many more. Janis uses hands on learning alongside with positive reinforcement and rewards. We are very pleased with Riley's progression at just 12 weeks of age. We could not have done it without Janis! I cannot believe how smart Riley is. Janis was always available via email, in which she quickly responded to any question and concerns. Janis always emailed a summary of each training session by the next day, along with videos and other resources. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Ben Zimmerman, Thornhill

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Quality Excellent

Over the years, we have spoken to various dog trainers and enrolled our dog, a pure bread Springer Spaniel, in a few different training programs. As a result, we were not expecting to learn a lot new from Janis Mikelberg. We also had some fixed ideas about the behavior of our dog. But after just one meeting with Janis, we had an all-new perspective on the general behavior of our dog and what we could do to change the behavior we don't like (leash aggression).
We particularly liked that Janis was unafraid to point out what we are doing wrong and that she promoted corrective actions that did not involve force or harsh discipline. 
She didn't oversell what was possible and she took the time to answer all our questions. Most important, we gained insight into what our dog is thinking when he becomes upset and this makes it much easier to understand what we can and should do to help him. If you want to know more about your dog's behavior -- and what you can do about it -- you should speak to Janis.

Wolfgang Franke, Markham

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Quality Excellent

My dog Rufus recently graduated from Sit Stay Learn and I highly recommend them. Janis is amazing -- knowledgeable, friendly, flexible and always available. She has so many great training methods and tips, I was truly amazed. I have had many dogs over the last 30 years and I can't tell you how much she taught me . Our dog was so comfortable around her and so were we !!!

A Biggins, Stoufville

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Quality Excellent

My husband and I have a 5 y/o rescue greyhound and we came to Janis because we were having two very specific problems with him. The first was that he was lunging out after motorcycles, pulling us with him (he's big), and the second that he would freak out on other dogs when meeting them on a leash. Not only did Janis teach us some excellent techniques to cope with these behaviours but she did a great job of explaining WHY they were happening. We thought our dog was being a jerk, turns out he was frightened. Total paradigm shift. Since we've employed these tools that Janis has given us, we have been able to handle each situation successfully and our dog has not been "over threshold" a single time.

Leslie P. Toronto

Janis is five stars.  Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.  The dog whisperer.  Dog sensitive.  Provides excellent verbal instructions and hands on examples, as well as back up reading materials.  Checks in to see if there are issues and always at the ready to answer questions.  Upbeat, positive disposition. Extremely professional.  Always on time. 


Joanne M.

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I had the opportunity to train with Janis and was very happy with her methods of training and the results achieved.  She has great expertise in her field and is dedicated to her clients. I often recommend her to my own clients, and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a personal dog trainer. 

Dorothy Pham D.V.M., Richmond Hill

My family recently became the owners of an adorable miniature golden doodle, Maddie.  After our first visit to the vet, it was advised for us to get  training sessions for Maddie.  Janis Mikelberg came to our home and our sessions began.  I have been totally amazed at Janis's knowledge and expertise.  Not only have the sessions been encouraging, but there have been follow up emails and videos full of information.  We have learned so much about our puppy. I would have to say I am most impressed by Janis's calm yet assertive manner with which she approaches the training.  I look forward to continuing our sessions.  We are thrilled with the results.

Debbie Rosenberg, Thornhill

As an experienced dog owner I thought that introducing our poodle puppy Giorgio to our 4yr old poodle Lulu would be an easy task.  The first few days were filled with growls and knock-em-down fights and I was worried that one dog would have to go.  Janis came to the rescue teaching me how to use positive rewards and encouragement to teach these two dogs to not only get along but become inseparable friends!  Thanks to Janis, the miracle worker!

Elaine Shedlezky, Toronto

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Quality Excellent

We have been very fortunate to have Janis Mikelberg as our
dog trainer. Janis has been outstanding and has simply done wonders with our puppy. 
It is amazing to see our dog respond to her cues. Janis’ dedication and devotion to her profession is very impressive and her willingness to go above and beyond what is expected, is something that we have all come to respect and admire a lot. 
She is very prompt in responding to our questions and has a natural gift of explaining in such easy terms that our young kids were able to follow all her instructions. 

Janis has provided us with a lot of information and taught us how to interact correctly with our dog. Her approach of positive re-enforcement has been very effective and in just three lessons we have seen a marked improvement in how our dog responds to our commands. 
From the very first session, it has been very evident to us that it is the owners that need to learn how to communicate with their dogs and not the other way. Instead of being stressed all the time about our dog, we have now started enjoying our time with Grizzly. 
We would be more than happy to recommend Janis to anyone. 

Anwar Shamsi, Markham

We have a pair of Maltese dogs (mother and daughter). The older dog had started exhibiting very anxious/aggressive behaviour towards people. We had looked at many remedial options when our vet recommended Janis.

We have been delighted with our experience with her. Her approach is very professional and she is very skilled. The training sessions were well planned, fun and instructive and began showing results in short time and involved all our family members. Both dogs loved their time with her and learnt a lot of excellent habits that have been very useful in minimizing their anxieties and problematic behaviours. Each lesson was followed up with an email expanding upon what we had done that day, often with additional reading/practice material.

We found Janis’ strategies useful, easy to use and fun to practice with the dogs. We are planning on working with her again soon to take the training to the next level. We are delighted to recommend her work, not only for dogs (and families!) that have difficulties but for general obedience training.

Caesar Milan, eat your heart out!

Larry & Marlene Green, Thornhill

I would like to sincerely thank you for all your support and expertise. I would not have been able to make it through the first months of puppy hood without you. Knowing you were always a call or email away with insightful and positive advice was invaluable! Your devotion to Cadiz's development was outstanding, through follow ups, handouts, finding us a suitable puppy class in our neighborhood and enduring the dog park in minus 20 degree weather to train! Cadiz is a happy, healthy and well adjusted puppy thanks to your in house visits.

Kristin Lackey, Toronto

Just completed Janis' puppy classes and highly recommend her to anyone considering getting a puppy.  Janis seems to have this magical way around dogs.  I was feeling truly frustrated for the first few weeks after we got him until Janis came and taught us how to communicate properly with our puppy.  After only 4 sessions he responds to so many commands and walking him has become a pleasurable outing.  We will definitely continue on with some more training as we are on the road to raising an amazing dog.

Lisa P.  Thornhill

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