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 Why Train with Positive Reinforcement?

Learning begins the moment your dog enters your home!

A well adjusted, well mannered pet is the result of commitment, time and a trusting relationship. Understanding why your dog does what he does and learning how to change behaviour without force will produce a dog that is eager to learn and wants to train!

At SitStayLearn we use the most up to date science based positive reinforcement  dog training techniques to teach your new puppy, adolescent or adult dog. Understanding what positive reinforcement is and how to apply it are key to it's success. It's not just about cookies!

If you are unable to attend classes, private in home personal training is for you.

Training tools include the use of: food, toys, clicker, praise and any other “life reward” your dog sees as valuable. Training will never include: choke, prong, shock, shake cans, physical punishments or other tools which may frighten or intimidate.

Set up your new puppy to be successful or teach your adolescent good manners by focusing on what you want him to do. Learn how to mange the environment, provide opportunities for your companion to make the right choice and help him learn from consequences that make sense.

Leadership is established by fostering a strong, trusting relationship between you and your 4 legged companion not by force or intimidation. Successful dog training is a two way street.

Let's teach your new puppy to do the right thing, right from the start and guide your adolescent through those rocky teenage months!

Positive reinforcement training techniques work for any dog, at any age.  Before you know it, your dog will be offering you all kinds of great behaviours because he will have learned that it's fun!


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Copley is learning to leave items on the floor. An important skill to have in many circumstances - including garbage while out on walks, cooked bones in the kitchen, even small children crawling around!
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Client Feedback

"Copley, our sweet English Mastiff, came to us at 9 weeks old from Davenport Washington.  She joined a family of 6; mom, dad, 3 young children and a 9 ½ year old Yellow Lab. Her mom and dad both weigh over 200 lbs.
It was important for us to arrange for a trainer so that we could set Copley up for success before she was too large to manage. 

After our first session with Janis, you could tell that Copley responded extremely well to clicker training and thrived on knowing what was expected of her.  She was quick to learn to sit and showed off her new skill to anyone willing to watch. 

As the sessions continued, I was shocked to see how quickly she picked up on the more difficult cues.  If I drop food in the kitchen and say “leave it,”  she sits and looks at me waiting for my next instruction.

We are so excited to continue watching Copley’s success, and look forward to our future sessions with Janis".

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