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Why Train with Positive Reinforcement?

Learning begins the moment your dog enters your home!

A well adjusted, well mannered pet is the result of commitment, time and a trusting relationship. Understanding why your dog does what he does and learning how to change behaviour without force will produce a dog that is eager to learn and wants to train!

At SitStayLearn we use the most up to date science based positive reinforcement dog training techniques to teach your new puppy, adolescent or adult dog. Understanding what positive reinforcement is and how to apply it are key to it's success. It's not just about cookies!

If you are unable to attend classes, private in home personal training is for you.

Training tools include the use of: food, toys, clicker, praise and any other “life reward” your dog sees as valuable. Training will never include: choke, prong, shock, shake cans, physical punishments or other tools which may frighten or intimidate.

Set up your new puppy to be successful or teach your adolescent good manners by focusing on what you want him to do. Learn how to mange the environment, provide opportunities for your companion to make the right choice and help him learn from consequences that make sense.

Leadership is established by fostering a strong, trusting relationship between you and your 4 legged companion not by force or intimidation. Successful dog training is a two way street.

Let's teach your new puppy to do the right thing, right from the start and guide your adolescent through those rocky teenage months!

Positive reinforcement training techniques work for any dog, at any age. Before you know it, your dog will be offering you all kinds of great behaviours because he will have learned that it's fun!


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Find out what to ask to ensure you are hiring a Force Free trainer.

Read "10 Questions To Ask Your Dog Trainer Before Hiring Them" by the Pet Professional Guild, committed to force free training.



Halloween and Your Dog

It's hard to believe but Halloween is just around the corner. Pumpkins are popping up all over and stores are filling up with costumes, for people and pets. Most people find it hard to resist smiling at a puppy or dog dressed up to look like a box of fries or angel with a halo. Some costumes are ridiculously funny and cute!

Before you decide to purchase a costume and take your brand new puppy out on the streets, keep in mind that Halloween can be a very scary time for puppies. You know what to expect on that night and still you sometimes get frightened or surprised. Puppies, or older dogs, who have not experienced such a confusing and scary night, might be very startled and unnerved.

It's best to start your puppy out right and safely so he is not frightened by the masks, costumes and yelling that usually occurs. Staying home and putting on some relaxing background music, keeping your puppy away from the front door will help him feel safe. If you decide to let him come and answer the door with you, make sure you do not punish him for barking or hold him in your arms thereby preventing him from moving away if he wants to.

If you must go out, please leave your puppy at home with either relaxing music (such as Through A Dog's Ear), or the television playing to mask some of the noises from outside. A spot away from the front door, such a bedroom would be best.
When you are walking your dog, be aware of their reactions to the lawn decorations, and let them explore at their own pace as opposed to pulling them towards the lawn or forcing them to get close if they don't want to.

Click here for a glimpse of how to allow your dog to explore scary lawn decorations.

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