Are You Rude or Polite When Greeting Dogs?

Have you ever wondered why some dogs seem to gravitate to those who don't really like dogs? 

When we say hello to someone, we look directly at them, standing straight, usually facing forward as we walk towards them, outstretched hand(s), getting ready to shake hands or hug, depending on relationship. It would be rude to avoid eye contact or stand sideways to someone as we converse with them, not to mention a bit odd.

How do dogs greet? Very differently. They avoid walking deliberately forward, in a straight line. They veer to the side, body curved, avoiding direct eye contact with the other dog. perhaps nose to the ground, sniffing. They circle each other as they gather information.

This approach provides a polite, non confrontational message. Unfortunately, leashes with humans attached prevent our dogs from doing polite greetings but that's a blog for another time.

How does this relate to my original question? 

The  individual who doesn't love dogs, when meeting one, often does the following: stands sideways, doesn't look at the dog, hands are not outstretched towards the dog and often moves away from the dog rather than approaches.

Compare that to individuals who love dogs. They most often approach dog with outstretched arms, walking directly towards the dog, looking him straight in the eyes. 

Head on approaches, with direct eye contact is confrontational for dogs. It often means potential trouble brewing. 

Two very different pictures are presented to the dog. The dog, in my observation, is more likely to gravitate to the individual who offers the more polite message. Ironic, isn't it?