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In-Home Dog Training

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Back On Track Dog Training

In home, one-on-one dog training sessions are a great alternative to group classes for many dogs and families. It's easier for your dog to focus, provides flexibility in scheduling, and most importantly allows for training sessions to be customized to address your specific concerns. 

Teaching your dog to turn around and go in a different direction is an important skill. Starsky is practicing his u-turns and his dad is practicing keeping them fun and enjoyable. Practice a u-turn when you have no real need to use it. You want to keep them unpredictable.
  • Is your dog jumping on kitchen counters?

  • Is your dog running out the front door?

  • Are you able to greet people on the street without your dog jumping on them?

  • Is your dog barking out the window at other dogs?

  • Tired of chasing him all over the house when he grabs your shoe?

  • Is he dragging you down the street on every walk?

Let's change those unwanted behaviours into more desirable ones. One on one dog training can help you have the well mannered family pet you want. 


For dogs 5 months and up. The first session is 1.5 hours. The remaining sessions are 1 hour each.

 3.5 hours @  $365.00 + HST
4.5 hours @  $470.00 + HST
5.5 hours @  $575.00 + HST

*Continuing Education Discount: Book 3 or more sessions at the hourly rate of $110.00 and receive 5% off the total cost.

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We gained insight into what our dog is thinking…

“Over the years, we have spoken to various dog trainers and enrolled our dog, a pure bread Springer Spaniel, in a few different training programs. As a result, we were not expecting to learn a lot new from Janis Mikelberg. We also had some fixed ideas about the behavior of our dog. But after just one meeting with Janis, we had an all-new perspective on the general behavior of our dog and what we could do to change the behavior we don't like (leash aggression). We particularly liked that Janis was unafraid to point out what we are doing wrong and that she promoted corrective actions that did not involve force or harsh discipline. 

She didn't oversell what was possible and she took the time to answer all our questions. Most important, we gained insight into what our dog is thinking when he becomes upset and this makes it much easier to understand what we can and should do to help him. If you want to know more about your dog's behavior -- and what you can do about it -- you should speak to Janis.”

-Wolfgang Franke, Markham