Dog Training Videos

Below are some popular dog training and puppy training videos from SitStayLearn’s YouTube Channel.


Puppy Training- Attention

Teaching your puppy to pay attention to you is a very valuable skill. Here Carson is learning for the first time in a park that good things happen when he pays attention and follows. You can reward this with food, the opportunity to go sniff or with play. The more your dog learns to keep an eye on you the better off leash control you have.

In this video, 5 month old Carson is learning to pay attention to his person in a new environment. He is learning to keep an eye on her and gets rewarded when he catches up or remains nearby.

Loose Leash Walking

Jagger is a fabulous puppy and will be an awesome adult! Here he is learning to not to pull on leash. It will take lots of practice, time and patience until he is reliable but this is a great start!

In this video, Jagger shows learning to walk without pulling is not easy for dogs. It goes against what they want to do - follow the scents! In order for your dog to learn what you prefer, you need to make it clear that walking without pulling works to get him what he wants.

Door Dashing

Learning not to dash out the front door is an important skill for all dogs.

In this video, I show how calm on walks with your dog begins before stepping out the front door. An important skill to work on is sitting politely until released to exit. It has nothing to do with being the boss or the human having to go first. It's simply the safe thing to do.

Train Your Dog to Trade

Having a dog willing to give up items is a great skill for him to have. Avoid the urge to chase him around if he grabs something and just do a trade!

Wait Vs Stay

I am a big fan of teaching wait vs stay. What's the difference? For me, stay means don't move a muscle. If you are sitting, remain sitting. No position change allowed.
Wait is more forgiving. It means stop forward motion, hang on a minute, pause.
You can move backward but not forward. I use that cue far more often than I do a formal stay.

Penalty Yards

The Penalty Yards game is a great way to teach your dog to walk politely without pulling forward. It teaches your dog that pulling gets you further away from what you want. A warning cue of "oops" then moving backwards teaches your dog to keep a slack leash. After a few repetitions, Winnie will stop walking forward as soon as she hears "oops" and it won't be necessary to physically move backwards.

In this video, Winnie is learning to walk politely on leash. She is also learning that pulling results in getting further from what she wants (in this case - me) and keeping the leash slack gets her closer. This technique in addition to marking and rewarding the correct position (any radius within an imaginary hula hoop) is a good choice.

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