Puppy Training in Thornhill, Richmond Hill, and Markham.

In-Home Puppy Training

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Dogs are given up, not because they cannot sit when asked, but because they cannot be handled, are afraid of the environment or other dogs and people and have bitten hard enough to cause damage. More important than teaching sit or stay to your new puppy - is to spend the very important first 3-4 months teaching the following to:

  • Enjoy having paws manipulated, poked and squeezed (nail trims, paws wiped, tourniquets applied, pulling out burrs, etc)

  • Enjoy being restrained (vet visits, groomers)

  • Enjoy body handling all over - eyes, ears, tail, mouth

  •  Enjoy the bathing experience, being wet, brushed and combed

  • Explore and experience many different surfaces, sounds, sights, places and people, to build confidence

  • Give up items willingly

  • Teach a soft mouth (bite inhibition)

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour says the first 3 months are the most important and "at-home training should be based on positive reinforcement with frequent rewards praise, petting, play and/or treats”. Your dog knows how to sit and lie down.  You see him do it all the time. The above mentioned goals have a finite window of opportunity. Take advantage of the first 3-4 months and teach your puppy the world is a safe place.

My Starting Off Right Puppy Program (in-home training) focuses on ensuring your puppy gets a solid foundation.

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Starting Off Right

5 Week Puppy Training Program

Are puppy classes not the right fit for your family? The Puppy Package is perfect for you! I will come to you and cover all the essentials of raising a well adjusted obedient puppy. 

With this package we will focus on the critical issues to ensure you are off to a successful start with your new puppy. 

Does your puppy wait politely for his meal or does he rush at the bowl as you try to put it on the floor? Let's teach your puppy to wait quietly for his meal. Piper is learning that when she sits she gets some food.

We begin with an initial visit of 1.5 hours to go over basics including:

  • House training

  • Teaching the puppy to use his mouth gently (bite inhibition)

  • Crate training or confinement training

  • Puppy proofing the home

  • Problem prevention

  • Socialization - what is it and how to do it

  • How to get the behaviour you want and how to prevent the behaviour you don't want.

The remaining 4 sessions will build a strong foundation for:

  • Sit and Down

  • Come: run happily to you when called

  • Leash Walking Basics

  • Hand Targeting:  a great foundation for many behaviours including get back into heel, recall, off or on something, polite door greetings.

  • Grooming and handling 

  • Drop it


For new puppies 8-16 weeks of age.

  • 5.5 hours of training @ $500.00 + HST

*Continuing Education Discount: Book 3 or more sessions at the hourly rate of $110.00 and receive 5% off the total cost.


If your dog is over 16 weeks old, see our Dog Training Services.


“Janis is amazing. She truly takes you through…

…the necessary steps to getting the behaviour you want from your dog. She is so attentive and answers all my questions with patience and understanding. She provides links to resources and answers every email very quickly.

Janis also has the patience of a saint when dealing with my 3 kids and involving them in Buster’s training. She is simply amazing and I am so happy that she is part of Buster’s training (as well as my training because let’s face it, humans need equal training in this journey ) You can’t possibly go wrong with Janis.

-Suzie W.