Reading Suggestions 

Complete Guide to a Happy, Well - Behaved Pet. by Jolanta Benal,

The Puppy Primer by Patricia McConnell

Positive Perspectives 2, Know Your Dog, Train Your dog, by Pat Miller

The Other End Of The Leash by Patricia McConnell

Inside Of A Dog by Alexandra Horowitz

Children and Dogs

Puppy in a cup.

These are great resources for any family with children or expecting a baby. 

Don't wait until the little one arrives to begin teaching your dog important manners.

Family Paws 

Living With Kids and Dogs 

The Family Dog 

DogGoneSafe - bite prevention

Freedom No Pull Walking Harness

Freedom No Pull Harness
A training tool to use while teaching your dog leash skills. It takes the pressure off your dog's neck. It's the one I carry.

Information on Choosing Food

The Dog Food Project Read about how to identify good quality ingredients to ensure your dog or puppy is getting a high quality kibble. 


Puppy Training Thornhill


Puppy & Dog Training Resources 
Download 2 Free Training Books from this site.

 "Before You Get Your Puppy" and "After You Get Your Puppy"

A great resource filled with information for any puppy or dog owners.
A vast resource of dog training videos by Donna Hill.
A great collection of  puppy and dog training articles. 

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour

Puppy Socialization: Why it's essential to get your puppy out and about before he has completed his vaccinations.
Dominance: Why the Dominance Paradigm is not valid.


Canine Associations 

Peaceable Paws Affiliate


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