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The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour says the first three months are the most important and "at-home training should be based on positive reinforcement with frequent rewards praise, petting, play and/or treats". 

Starting Off Right
5 Week Puppy Training Package 

Is your puppy too young to attend puppy classes? The Puppy Package is perfect for you! I will come to you and cover all the essentials of raising a well adjusted obedient puppy. 

With this package we will focus on the critical issues to ensure you are off to a successful start with your new puppy. For new puppies 8-16 weeks of age.

5.5 hours of training @ $500.00 + HST.

We begin with an initial visit of 1.5 hours to go over basics including:

  • House training
  • Teaching the puppy not to bite (bite inhibition)
  • Crate training, confinement training
  • Puppy proofing the home
  • Problem prevention
  • Socialization - what is it and how to do it
  • How to get the behaviour you want and how to prevent the behaviour you don't want.

The remaining 4 sessions will build a strong foundation for:

  • Sit and Down
  • Come: run happily to you when called
  • Leash Walking Basics
  • Hand Targeting:  a great foundation for many behaviours including get back into heel, recall, off or on something, polite door greetings.
  • Grooming and handling 
  • drop it

The purpose of this program is to set a strong foundation for a healthy well balanced obedient puppy. One who will feel confident exploring and will take new and unusual  circumstances in stride.

"Just completed Janis' puppy classes and highly recommend her to anyone considering getting a puppy.  Janis seems to have this magical way around dogs.  I was feeling truly frustrated for the first few weeks after we got him until Janis came and taught us how to communicate properly with our puppy.  After only 4 sessions he responds to so many commands and walking him has become a pleasurable outing.  We will definitely continue on with some more training as we are on the road to raising an amazing dog".

Lisa P.  Thornhill

Explore the Client Videos Page to see some new puppies practicing new skills.


Email for more information or call 905.882-8143 to leave a message.

Pay per hour @ $110.00 + HSTor enjoy the benefit of a reduced rate by purchasing 3 or more sessions.

All training sessions include handouts and continued support via email, telephone or video chat for the duration of the package.

All services are one-on-one in-home training.  Serving Toronto and York Region (travel charges may apply).


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Back On Track
Dog Training 

  • Is your dog jumping on kitchen counters?
  • Is your dog running out the front door?
  • Are you able to greet people on the street without your dog jumping on them?
  • Is your dog barking out the window at other dogs?
  • Tired of chasing him all over the house when he grabs your shoe?
  • Is he dragging you down the street on every walk?

Let's change those unwanted behaviours into more desirable ones. One on one dog training can help you have the well mannered family pet you want. 

Basic Training Packages (5 months and up)
The first session is 1.5 hours. The remaining sessions are 1 hour each.

 3.5 hours @  $ 365.00 + HST
 4.5 hours @  $470.00 + HST
5.5 hours @  $575.00 + HST

Continuing Education on any package, including Puppy Package:
3 or more sessions: 5% off the hourly rate of $110.00


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